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Green Card Interview

Worried about your upcoming USCIS marriage interview? Get prepared!


  • If you filed your marriage-based green card application by yourself, you and your US citizen spouse will need to appear before an USCIS adjudicating officer.

  • The interview is stressful for couples, especially if there are characteristics about the relationship which an officer could use to question the legitimacy of their marriage. Such characteristics could be a short courtship, low income, marriage soon after entering the USA on a tourist visa, etc. Interviews with USCIS officers can be adversarial, critical and even offensive. 

  • We can conduct an in-person mock marriage interview in our Rancho Cucamonga office so you will experience what the interview may be like. You will be asked questions similar to what will be asked at the actual interview. 

  • At the conclusion of the interview, we will provide tips on how to effectively prepare for the most important interview of your life!


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